PTCShare Down For Maintenance
(Friday 22nd September 2023 onwards)

We are currently down for maintenance as we are cleaning up a lot of old and unnecessary database data, which will help us further improve overall performance, and reduce our monthly upkeep costs.

Due to the nature of the upgrade and the required tests to make sure everything works properly, we might be going in and out of maintenance during the following week, starting 22nd September.

Most of these maintenances are likely to be maximum a few hours long, but it is possible they will be lasting for longer periods in case we run into any issues or delays. Expect most intermittent downtimes to be around GMT working hours.

That said, our websites should be able to be used most of the time normally, but in case they are at any point down, we suggest to simply check back in an hour or so, and in the meantime grab a coffee or go for a walk :)

If any specific longer expected maintenance is required within the week, this maintenance message will be updated with a clear note - unless that is done, expect us to be back within a few hours maximum.

* At this time we expect ad issues to run normally through the week, but we might make an "ad hoc" decision to delay or issues them on a follow up day, if we might deem they would complicate the transition. If any significant interruption of viewing ads happen, we will accordingly followup with a resolution (potential BAP refunds etc.) once all upgrades are complete.

You can also follow our Facebook for any more timely updates.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding as we perform these upgrades,
PTCShare team