About us

Our Mission
To make people click on the right opportunity

What we are?

At PTCShare, we believe there is a way to provide effective advertising while creating a business opportunity at the same time. But let's be honest, people mostly come to earn money online!

We are a Paid-To-Click platform where members get paid for viewing ads for a few seconds. But, unlike other PTCs, we've designed a system that lets you earn according to your involvement within the website.

This is key

We reward users for activity and longterm commitment through a Bonus Ad Points system, where users can prove their value!

By holding BAP, you are eligible to be part of our Ad Issue which is the distribution of Paid Ads. Over time this will prove your value and we will start delivering bigger ads to you as our advertisers are more likely to have you as their client.

We are aware that people have full-time jobs, families, duties... This is why we’ve designed this system to take no more than a few minutes for you to complete the round of Paid Ads. The Ad Issue is sent only from Monday to Friday

As PTCShare loves to reward active members, there are a few other tools that will help you to maximize your earnings! But we will get to them later. There is something you must know first:

Why BAP?

Bonus Ad Points will determine your rank among other members and will be crucial to define your daily earnings. Most PTCs have a fixed value for every ad you click, but at PTCShare you’re going to earn from a few cents to whole dollars with a few clicks!

It doesn’t come easy though! We distribute free BAP everyday in form of Activation Ads, and we also have a bonus BAP reward if you achieve some tasks within our platform. But you’re limited to gain BAP at a low pace.

To prove your value additionally and be paired up with higher earning users even faster, you can buy very effective advertising that will boost you up that ladder!

How to get started?

Visit the Paid Ads section and view all your Activation Ads to stock up on Bonus Ad Points. You may also purchase Bulk Ads to increase your BAP Group Level quicker.

Ad Issues are sent manually during the morning (server time). You may want to check every few hours to see if your Paid Ads have been distributed to your account. Be informed that every time a Paid Ad is delivered to your account, your BAP is consumed in exchange.

We have other options to earn money with us! One of them is through Cash Offers, which are third-party tasks that pay you to complete simple activities. They have unlimited earning potential so don’t hesitate to have a look frequently.

Another way is by referring other members to join PTCShare as it will allow you to earn 7% from all advertising they buy and 3% of every Paid Ad they view. And last but not least, referring friends will give you access to an exclusive section of the Ad Issue.

There’s an easier way to open your way to an exclusive section of the Ad Issue through Achievement Points! APS will prove your activity and value to PTCShare and you’ll be rewarded with additional cash ads sent to you.

Welcome bonus!

Have 100 BAP for joining the PTCShare Team today!